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If your walls could talk.. what would they say? by Lara Jaye

Have you ever walked into a room and something felt off?
Maybe you were previewing a home to purchase and, although, it looked perfect for you on paper, instead you got a strange feeling. You couldn’t explain it nor put your finger on WHY. It was just a KNOWING that you didn’t want to stay long.

Just like people and businesses — all walls, spaces, homes, and land retains living energy. Everything — matter or non-matter holds memories. We can’t see memories but our bodies and especially our homes ‘hold’ them.
Some of the memories are happy. Homemade ice cream with Grandma. Children playing and laughing.
Others are more disruptive. Constant arguing between spouses. Negative Nelly gossiping guests.

Some discordant energies aren’t even yours but affect you! It could be the power plant you live near, wifi or other geo-pathic stresses. Electric discharges and other low energy radiations cause havoc on our sensitive bodies.
Thoughts, words, and emotions create bubbles of energy that embed into our physical bodies and all physical spaces. Often staying stuck until they are cleared through prayer and focused intention.

Are you feeling stuck yourself? Stressed? Physically ill? Our spaces and our businesses are a reflection of our own energy.
Previous owners’ issues could be lingering in the home as well. Fighting, illness, even a death in the home or on the land before the home was even built could be affecting your current health and mood.

The home or business could be sitting on sacred land or a burial ground unbeknown to you. Indian’s may have settled there long ago leaving their imprint on the land. It could be a positive encouraging signature or one of death and destruction.

In order to live a life of love and vibrancy, it’s imperative there is flowing positive energy in your own body, homes, land, businesses, and even your car.
As the owner of your space and your body, you have the power to convert that energy. Energy can not be destroyed. However, it can be transmuted to something lighter, more pleasing.

The short term results were immediately feeling a sense of a weight being lifted from my shoulders. The long term results have been that numerous. Employees that needed to be gone, left by themselves. The employees that stayed raised their awareness and vibration. And money wise, we are up $70,000 in 6 months compared to last year. Lara has created an energy of healing and raised our vibration on a personal level which has translated into an elevated business and overall environment. —Anonymous, CEO

Invisible energy often holds the key to one persons’ success or demise.
If you’re struggling to sell a home or feeling off balance in your new home, a space clearing would transform those negative, weak energies to allow for lighter, healing, happier and expansive energies.

A purposeful clearing eliminates these lower frequency energies that cause issues in our lives and physical body. Often removing the negative energies will result in an immediate shift and other times I’ve seen it take up to 30 days.

Major reasons to have a space clearing:

buying, selling or building a new home or business divorce OR remarriage declining health feeling like someone is watching you OR just an uncomfortable feeling sudden unexplained illness or death arguing in home stressful living situation after a party/extra family living in the house experiencing stuck-ness or confusion business income decreasing or stagnate unsettled, disgruntled employees


Lara helped us tremendously by clearing some old and stuck energy in the house and refilled with Light filled energy. There is an unbelievable difference in our home now and it is noticed by others. It feels like our home now! Lara is a truly gifted energy healer. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable, deeply intuitive and professional. We are so grateful she came into our lives. —Tara

To get started on your own house clearing, I recommend:
Dragons Blood Incense

Sticks Sacred Copal Incense Sticks4

Black Tourmaline Crystals

1 Selenite (white stone) Crystal

1 Amethyst (violet stone) Crystal

Dragon’s Blood has been prized as a grounding, and powerful protector against negativity and lower vibrations.
Sacred Copal is a powerful healer and purifier, with the power to transmute negative energy. Copal aids in physical, mental, and spiritual healing, and environmental clearing.
Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds including psychic protection and EMF protection.

Selenite is an amplifier crystal and when used along with other crystals boosts their effectivity.
Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments, and creating a resonant shield of spiritual light around the body. It acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attack, geopathic stress and unhealthy environments.

Open all doors and windows, if possible.
To begin your clearing, say a prayer, such as the following,
“I ask God and the Angels for your Divine assistance today as I begin to clear this space. Please take away all lower, heavy energy and negativity that this area is holding while filling it instead with your lighter, happier energies creating much joy.

Please bless me and my family as light flows into every corner of every room, through every door and space. Above, below and all around to allow us to feel your love that encompasses all. Thank you for all your support and help today. ” Amen.

After burning either a dragons blood or copal incense stick, place one of the four black tourmaline in each of the corners while placing a selenite and an amethyst anywhere in the room that you feel led.
Repeat incense burning as needed.

Book your clearing today!If you still do not feel like you were able to ‘clear’ all the heavy energy, feel free to schedule either an in-person or remote clearing with Lara by emailing her at Lara@LaraJaye.com OR https://larajaye.com/clearing/ for additional information.

For house, business and real estate clearings in-person or remote, please email your detailed request and location to Lara’s assistant at chris@larajaye.com.
Home clearings start at $500 (depending on location and size)Real Estate and Business clearings start at $2000 (depending on location, size, and number of staff members)

You’re Invited to:
House Clearings & Crystal Elixirs @ Salt of the Earth Thursday, August 8, 2019 4-6 pm
All homes, walls, spaces and land hold living energy — often disruptive. If you’re struggling to sell a home or feeling off balance in your home, come learn:
*Why to clear your space

*When to clear your space

*How to clear your space

*And, the best tools to use!

Don’t let another night go by worrying about WHEN your house is going to sell OR feeling stagnate in your home.
Take CHARGE of your space!

Learn to transform the negativeness into lighter, healing more helpful energies.



Join Lara Jaye for this unique, eye-opening and insightful workshop as she peels back the layers of the unseen world around us.
In addition, Salt of the Earth will be debuting a new line of crystal elixir essence drops to infuse in your cocktail of choice at the event!

As a soul-inspiring thought leader, CEO, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Executive Coach, International Best-Selling Author and Podcast Host, Lara Jaye is a master at moving stuck energy from people, homes, land, and businesses.
For more information on Lara: https://larajaye.com

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Limited to 30 people $50/each. $60 @ the door.

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