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Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing Session

Single Session 25 MIN/$125 or 55 MIN/$250


This unique session assists you in releasing stuck emotions, pain, subconscious blocks and the past while embracing your present and being open to a vision for a more joy-filled future. It reveals insights at the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and heart levels while clearing multi-dimensionally and generationally. Lara Jaye combines her intuitive counsel, coaching, energy healing abilities (specifically light language and reiki healing), and spiritual guidance to help you create the shifts you seek and gain greater clarity.

Lara’s intuitive sessions are like NOTHING you have ever experienced! Her transformative, ancient and sacred healing method (light language) will speak directly to your heart and soul to allow for an unfolding of the following in your life:

  • A deeper meaning in your work aligned with your values
  • Clarity of your own higher purpose
  • Obstacles are removed (stuck emotions and non-serving beliefs)
  • Enhanced intimacy and transparency
  • Satisfying partnerships and relationships

This session is NOT on the heated salt bed. To learn more about Lara Jaye, CLICK HERE. 

Salt Bed Energy Healing

Single Session 25 MIN/$150


Salt Bed + Healing Combo is pure decadence! Fully dressed, soaking up the heated pink Himalayan salt bed (first of its kind imported from Italy) with micro massage and light therapy is equivalent to just under a 2 hour massage. The bed alone pulls inflammation and toxins from the body. Add to it, Lara Jaye’s unique Light Language and Reiki healing modality to help you move through the stuck-ness in your life, pain (emotional or physical) or anything specific you would like her to work on (weight loss, stress, addictions, etc) you will leave feeling lighter, healthier, and changed forever.

This session is energy healing ONLY. It does not include intuitive information or time to answer questions. If you have questions in addition to energy work, please book the Intuitive Reading and Energy Healing Session. To learn more about Lara Jaye, CLICK HERE. 

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