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First time client $35

Breathe Better – Feel Better – Live Better

Rest or meditate in the Salt Lounge while experiencing the benefits of salt therapy for 45 minutes. You will find comfort in one of our 8 lounge chairs as you settle in to the Salt Lounge. Choose to elevate your feet on a foot rest or nestle your toes in the Himalayan salt beneath you. This is your excuse to disconnect from all technology during your sessions as phones and devices are safely stored in your personal storage locker outside the lounge.

This room runs every hour on the hour. No food, drink or electronics allowed in this room.

Salt therapy is 100% natural, non-invasive and drug free solution for respiratory and skin ailments. It’s a process where salt is crushed in a generator, and by breathing the tiny particles, they reach the bottom of the lungs and work like a toothbrush to clean the lungs.

Salt is antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial, this helps to reduce the inflammation in the respiratory system and widen the airways for better breathing, better sleep, more oxygen and strengthening the immune system. It also balances the pH level in the skin.

Our main salt room is available to groups or special events, i.e. bridal parties, girls night, baby shower, book club etc. Special pricing available for these events.

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