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Salt Therapy Services

Main Salt Room

Single Session $45

3 pack $120

Unlimited 30 days $145

Rest or meditate in the Main Salt Room while experiencing the benefits of salt therapy for 45 minutes. This treatment is great for RESPIRATORY issues. Will open your airways and help you to breathe easier. Get comfortable in one of our 8 lounge chairs as you settle in.  Elevate your feet on a foot rest or nestle your toes in the cool himalayan salt beneath you. This is your time to disconnect from all technology during your sessions. No phones or electronic devices in this room due to the salt particles

You stay dressed, just remove your shoes.  The room is cool and dry. We offer blankets for your comfort. 


This treatment runs every hour on the top of the hour. Arrive 5 minuets before your session.

Salt Booth

Single Session $40

3 pack $110

Unlimited 30 days $135

Short on time? Try an express version in your own private Salt Booth for 20 minutes. This treatment is identical to our main salt room and best for RESPIRATORY issues. Our booth has bluetooth so you can listen to your own music, play a guided meditation or read a book if you’d prefer. The booth also provides light therapy; gently exposing your body to every spectrum of light found in the sun. This allows the mind and the body to relax even deeper while receiving the respiratory benefits of Salt Therapy.

Best to make an appointment.

Salt Bed

Single Session $45

3 pack $120

Unlimited 30 days $150

Enjoy the first of it’s kind in the U.S. Spending 25 minutes on our heated salt bed is almost equivalent to a 2 hour massage. However, you stay dressed, no one is putting their hands on you. It’s just you, the micro massage plus light therapy, built into the bed and relaxing music. Allow yourself to drift off into deep relaxation. This bed helps to pull INFLAMMATION and toxins from the body as well as relax and loosen the muscles. You will be left feeling a sense of calmness that will resonate through your day.

Best to make an appointment.

Kids Salt Room

Single Session $30

3 pack $75

Unlimited 30 days $90

We have a salt room designed just for your little ones. If your child suffers from allergies, RESPIRATORY infections, or frequent colds, bring your kids in for 45 minute session as part of their wellness routine. Our kid-friendly space is fully stocked with toys and books to keep your kids entertained.

Children must be 24 hrs without a fever or acute state of cough before entering the kid’s room. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by one adult (adult is included in price).

Book online to secure your private 45 min session.

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