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For maximum results, 3 sessions per week or everyday. Thereafter, maintenance would require 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks .  After full treatment, 1-2 times per month will maintain effects.

Bella Reviews

I really didn't know what to expect from the Bella Treatment , but I thought I'd give it a try.

I really was delighted and enjoyed the warmth and the respite from the current chaos.

a bonus was how I felt rejuvenated after each treatment. My family noticed my face seemed relaxed , stress free, and younger looking. I highly recommend this Service!               Janet Z. 

The Bella has helped me achieve a tightening and smoother appearance to my skin. I also have enjoyed the added benefits from receiving red light therapy.  Working with the pineal gland to help retain a more elevated mood, while helping reduce  inflammation in the body. A wonderfully peaceful session, for mind body & spirit.                                          DANIELLE



After 35 -40 years, there is generally a thickening of the stratum layer of the epidermis (the top layer of your skin), while the dermis is gradually thinning. This happens because the supportive role of collagen is gradually missing. This causes the partial failure of the skin. The process of skin aging is basically determined by two factors related to the aging at the same time: the first one - the metabolism reduces that results in a decrease of cellular energy in so-called cells named fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin, while the second one is the reduced ability of the body to produce the nutrients needed for these cells. The result is a decline in the production of collagen and elastin, which causes the formation of wrinkles and skin without energy making it less toned and thick.




Collagen is the most important protein presented in the support structures of the whole body. Is produced by fibroblasts, cells of connective tissue that are also found among the various cells of the skin to form a support network for the skin.




The gentle waves of red light of collagen lamps help to produce collagen and elastin to firm up the skin again. This photo-biostimulation in the deeper layers of the skin activates the skin’s metabolism, resulting in a visible satin effect on the surface. The result is a firm, compact skin and with few wrinkles, which radiates freshness and youthful appearance. Photobiostimulation phototherapy is based on the principle that the cells in our body contain receptors that “absorb” the light stimulating an intensification of the physiological process of collagen self-production. This natural biological response of the body is due to the fibroblasts (cells of connective tissue) that are stimulated by the specific frequency of the incident light and being enticed to produce this famous structural protein (called collagen) responsible for supporting the skin (and not only) all of our body. To achieve this physiological process ISO Italian Group uses fluorescent lamps (neon tubes) that emit a specific light around 633nm. 










The gentle waves of red light collagen lamps make use of this ideal spectrum, allowing them to increase the production of collagen, elastin and biological enzymes. The connective fabric will then appear visibly more tense, and the skin will gain more energy bringing the following advantages:

• visible anti-aging effect

• wrinkle reduction, especially in the eyes, decollete and around the mouth and lips

• improving the elasticity, softness and the energy of the skin

• renewal of collagen and elastic fibers

• activation of skin metabolism

• production of healthy skin

• absence of side effects

• pain therapy Laser radiation is not used in collagen treatment.


The red light visible is warm but not hot and stimulates the process of biosynthesis in all body. The treatment is extremely pleasant and it is free of side effects. The application is suitable for all skin types of all ages, male and female.

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