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Red Light Therapy

Pulsed Light Therapy is a 20 minute, non-invasive treatment that utilizes visible blue light, red light, and near infrared light wavelengths to promote wellness and healing. This gentle, pulsing LED light increase circulation to relieve pain and rejuvenate the entire body. Although gentle, silent and cool to the touch, low-level light therapy is naturally effective on a cellular level. And unlike other types of pain reduction techniques, not only does light therapy relieve pain, it also addresses the underlying condition by stimulating the body’s innate healing abilities.


This is an excellent therapy to do for detoxification and renewal.

This therapy is FDA cleared for use with temporary relief of minor pain, stiffness and muscle spasms; and to temporarily increase local blood circulation. Clients choose this treatment for its convenience, ease of use and efficacy as well as the drug-free, non-invasive application.


You stay dressed during your treatment.

FDA Cleared Device

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Red Light

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Growing scientific evidence demonstrates Pulsed Light Therapy having beneficial responses on conditions including:

  •  Inflammation

  •  Wound healing

  •  Arthritis pain

  •  Neuropathy

  •  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  •  Mood disorders

  •  Back, neck, and joint pain

  •  Traumatic brain injuries

  •  Acne, wrinkles, and hair loss

  •  Muscle performance, fatigue, and recovery

  •  Muscle sprains and strains

  •  Sports injuries

  •  Bruises and swelling

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