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This is an amazing place! The energy is so peaceful and uplifting.  I had many aches and pains that are now gone.  My daughter loves coming 3x a week to help with her stress.  I'm so glad we have this in Sarasota!!!!


This is the best place to be a member of!  So many benefits!  My wife Jackie LOVES Salt of the Earth!!


Best 45 min of my day. So peaceful and relaxing.  Dianna is such a kind host and very knowledgeable about the benefits of salt therapy.  Looking forward to my next visit!!!


Awesome place for relaxation and salt and pulsing light therapy ... great escape from daily routine ! I’ve been using these services for a little over 2 months and love it 🙏


I’m so glad the sign caught my eye! I had been feeling badly with a cough and stuffy nose for weeks and decided I needed some help. Walking in I felt very welcomed and loved the calm and peaceful atmosphere! I went with the monthly unlimited to give my lungs some intense therapy, I tried the salt bed - heavenly warms you to the bone, booth- cool lights with a quick powerful session and large salt room- easy to zone out or nap! Wow! I Loved it all, I’m on my third week and so much better now. An added bonus — the bliss of self care, pampering and relaxation! I may be better but I don’t wanna stop!!!


I love Salt of the Earth Sarasota and everything Dianna has created here. It’s been my home away from home since I moved down here recently and I’m on my second monthly membership. I go a few times a week and wish I could find the time to go daily. It’s helped with my asthma, costochondritis, stress, skin, and sleep. And I love seeing Dianna’s friendly and smiley face. It’s a beautiful, calming, good energy, welcoming, and healing place. Go as soon as you can and as often as you can.


We LOVE the kids room. It has done wonders for my son! Ever since he started daycare he has picked up every single bug, literally with a fever every 7-10 days, constant dr apts and needing albuterol for horrible cough turned to wheezing. Me missing work and he school every week. Fast forward to now, HE HAS NOT HAD 1 FEVER OR BREATHING TREATMENT IN OVER 30 DAYS. I cannot stress enough about how much of a relief this has been. The session is relaxing and enjoyable for us both. He loves the toys and playing in the salt. The owner is so friendly and accommodating. I wish we would have started sooner !!!


I went to the Salt of the Earth for 2 months experiencing different therapies for my bronchitis. After a few weeks in the Salt Booth, all was well, but I signed on for another month in the Himalayan salt room. I had a wonderful experience with caring, healing and most of all immaculate environment. I am so much better now and I attribute this to the healing properties of salt and Salt of the Earth. I hope many more people will try it.


It was a very healing experience for me I have rheumatoid arthritis so often my joints ache but after two days and three sessions of each of the treatments that Salt of the Earth has available I was in fabulous shape absolutely no joint pain whatsoever. I highly recommend it!!

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