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Want to build your own Wellness Center or use these products at home?
We have the equipment for all your needs.
or use these products at home?

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"Before finding Dianna and Mike, we had been operating our salt cave business for 6 years. They were incredibly helpful educating us about the wellness aspects and business specifics of purchasing and maintaining salt beds. Mike presented us with a wide array of options and managed the process of our salt bed order. Dianna shared with us all of her on the ground experience introducing customers to the salt beds. If there is such a thing as concierge distributors (a la concierge doctors), Dianna and Mike are it. Over the course of the beds' construction and shipping, they kept us abreast of everything going on to keep our minds at ease over such a significant investment. They helped us get the beds fully installed, and even included some surprise extras to make our launch perfect. We have had the beds for nearly one year, and can confidently recommend Dianna and Mike for their professionalism, patience, and compassionate business approach. If you are considering salt beds or any wellness equipment that they are working with, you could find no better combination of head meeting heart than this dynamic duo". - Daryl Browne & Nastia Vanyukevych of Soleil's Salt Cave, Exeter, NH

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Industry leader for Salt Therapy equipment.

red light therapy

In Light Therapy

FDA Cleared to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. To purchase please Click Here



Work with our spa owners to find out what the newest and strongest trends are.

ISO Italia

ISO Benessere

Luxury SPA & Beauty Equipment Made in Italy

SLNT faraday protection


Lock down your privacy, security and health in one, elegant solution.

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Frequencies for Life



A step up in vibrational healing. EMF/5G protection and the ability to structure water. 


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