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Reliable and high-tech solutions and equipment that give wellbeing and emotions to guests of spas, wellness and beauty centers. Multifunction features, Italian design and Made in Italy construction make ISO Benessere products unique and offer not only a SPA equipment for treatments, but a CONCEPT and an EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE.

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Spa Beds

Three in one. Equilibrium is supplied with a water mattress but thanks to its options it can be transformed into three different spa beds, in fact an easy connection system allows you to replace the water mattress with Himalayan salt or sand, completely transforming the bed, the its functionality and the work protocols that can be offered to the customer.

Iso italia salt bed

Bella Care

The photorejuvenation of the face and skin through photobiostimulation is the new non-invasive frontier of anti-aging treatments. Photobiostimulation is a completely natural method based on the awareness that the cells of the body contain the receptors necessary for the absorption of light. Following this study, it was understood that exposure of the skin to a red light at 633 nm is able to stimulate and enhance cellular activity and, consequently, increase the production of skin collagen, responsible for supporting skin. This is how the photorejuvenation of the face and body starts.

Bella facial rejuvenation

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