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Dianna Manoogian



At Salt of the Earth Sarasota, we are dedicated to the health and wellness of each one of our clients. Since 2017, we’ve been at the forefront of health and wellness in the Sarasota area, providing the personalized guidance our clientele need to fulfill their goals.

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Dianna is truly motivated to provide alternative wellness treatments to the community.  She is principled in her belief that there are natural ways to heal the body.  This motivation ranges from her own holistic self care to her client interactions. Seeing the transformation of her clients is one of her biggest drivers.  Knowing that she is helping them in their healing process is the greatest gift.



Dianna is also a Founding Board & Member of Impact100 SRQ 

and sat on the Board of Directors as Director of Communications from 2017-2021.



2023 SRQ Magazine voted "Best Wellness Center"

2022 SRQ Magazine Voted "Best Wellness Center" 

2021 SRQ Magazine "She Roars"

2020 Sarasota Magazine"Women Who Roar"  

2020 Sarasota Magazine"Women of Influence"

2020 SRQ Magazine "Local Strong" 

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