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Dianna Manoogian

– Owner of Salt of Earth

Dianna has always looked for alternatives to heal and take care of her family. On her journey she came across salt therapy. Finding out about this particular wellness treatment took her life fully into the realm of helping and healing. Having worked for several start-ups in Boston combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, she was compelled to bring Salt Therapy to Sarasota. Up until now, there was nothing like this in the area and so she began the journey of opening Salt of the Earth, Sarasota’s Premier Salt Therapy Center. Michael and Dianna Manoogian opened Salt of the Earth in the Summer 2017.  Dianna is also a Founding Member of Impact100SRQ and sits on the Board of Directors in the Communications/Tech capacity.

Lara Jaye

Lara provides multidimensional light language intuitive sessions at Salt of the Earth in person and for clients remotely around the globe. She assists in supporting clients to heal their emotions, move stuck energy, love themselves unconditionally, open up to the ways of higher consciousness and apply these laws in their daily life. She helps them clear areas of their lives to allow for expanded intuition, profound inner satisfaction, deeper relationships, vibrant health, and a meaningful, inspiring life.

As a soul-inspiring thought leader, CEO, Intuitive Advisor, International Best-Selling Author, Healer, Speaker and Podcast Host, Lara’s unique healing modality includes transmission of healing codes through Light Language. This language offers a life-changing experience that speaks to your soul to expand and up-level your life. For more information to understand Light Language, CLICK HERE.

Lara combines reiki energy healing and light language in moving stuck energy (imprints, beliefs, patterns, entities, spirits, etc) from people, places, land, and businesses. She is a Butler University graduate (Indianapolis, Indiana), coach certified, Reiki Master/Teacher, passionate entrepreneur, and light language transmitter.

When you work with Lara you can expect:

  • Released stuck emotions and patterns including self sabotage
  • Realignment of your energy fields
  • Clearing of specific patterns of self sabotage related to weight loss and eating habits
  • Release sadness and helps you flow with life
  • Releases physical and emotional heaviness that weighs you down
  • Cleared imprints, templates, emotions, energy cords, thought forms, and more as related to their body intention

Dr. Molly Roads, AP

Dr. Rhoads, AP is a FL licensed acupuncture physician and Chinese medicine herbalist. She recently relocated from Santa Monica, California to bring the healing powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the beautiful Sarasota area.  With a specialty in treating anxiety disorders, she is thrilled to be introducing stress reduction acupuncture and acupressure sessions to enhance your experience at Salt of the Earth.

Acupuncture for Stress Reduction and Anxiety

The world we live in is full of constant stressors, and regardless of your age these everyday stressors can be overwhelming to the body, mind and spirit. Whether you experience everyday stress from work, school or family responsibilities; or are experiencing insomnia, fatigue, panic attacks related to your stress, acupuncture has been shown to be an effective treatment to help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and
calm the nervous system.

Seeds vs. Crystals vs. Needles

For the stress reduction treatments, we will be placing either acupuncture needles or acupresssure seeds/crystals on specific acupuncture points on the outer ear.  Acupuncture ear needles are very small, thin, single-use, sterile needles which stimulate and activate the specific points that we choose to help you feel more
relaxed and enhance your experience at Salt of the Earth. The acupuncture needles are left in place for 15-20 minutes, while you sit quietly and enjoy the relaxing effects.

Acupressure ear seeds use small vaccaria seeds (a chinese herb) that are placed on the specific acupuncture points on the ear. Seeds are kept in place by a small adhesive bandage. These seeds apply acupressure to the specific points and allow us to stimulate the point without using needles, or continue to activate the point after an acupuncture needling session.

Acupressure ear crystals use Swarovski crystals with gold pellets adhered to the back. These gold pellets apply acupressure to the points in the same way as the ear seeds. The gold pellets along with the crystals have a higher frequency and create an
even more nourishing effect on the body.

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